Get Cool 90s Costumes and Other Great Ideas!

90s Theme Party? Get Cool 90s Costumes and Other Great Ideas!

Have you been invited to a 90s theme party and you are prepared to travel back in time? If you are simply crazy about the 90s (who isn’t?), you can choose from a variety of 90’s costumes that represent that era. The 90s was a truly wonderful era, there were so many cartoons, sit-coms, video-games, movies, books, game shows, and TV show characters that were quite popular among the young and the mature. There was even a time when everyone wanted to be a Power Ranger! You can choose to dress in iconic 90s character costumes and gain instant recognition when you attend a 90s theme party.

90s Theme Party Ideas
Are you hosting a 90s theme party? We live in a world where traditionally somber costumes have been “sexified”. There are so many fun, simple costume ideas to represent the 90s. Parties or events that incorporate the symbol of an era in time are definitely a great choice for dress-up parties.

Popular iconic 90s costumes:
·    The Red Bathing Suit worn by the beautiful women of “Baywatch”
·    Where’s Waldo striped t-shirt
·    Mizz Frizzle’s costume (which were a huge hit on each episode of the Magic school Bus)
·    Princess Kitana, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Jax and other well known characters of the “Mortal Combat” video game.
·    Phil and Lil from the famous Rugrats cartoon
·    The PowerPuff Girls – this 90s costume is great for a party of three. The signature matching red, blue and green dresses will complement any skin tone. Do not forget the black shoes and white tights.
·    Power Ranger: It’s Morphing Time!  This is perhaps one of the coolest costumes for those who want to create a great impression at a 90’s themed party. There are costume stores that rent and sell the complete Power Rangers costumes.

Playing music from the 90s is definitely a great idea – talk to the DJ to play popular music from the 90s, this will make your guests dance and sing along to their favorite 90s hits. Decorate the party venue with cardboard cutouts of famous television, movie, cartoon, and video game icons.  You can also have the party venue decorated with famous lines or quotes from a popular 90s movie, TV show, book, video game or cartoon. Give prizes to the person or people who wore the best looking 90s costumes.
You could also incorporate grunge, long chain wallets, lots of baggy t-shirts and pants, and the entire grunge look you can think of for your party. Be sure to serve every type of cool junk food you know. You can even consider working in a few of your favorite movies, computer based games competitions to round out your party’s entertainment.
Remember, wearing the right 90s cool costumes will put the magic in your 90s theme party.