50s Costumes Ideas

50s Costumes Ideas
When you mention the fifties, certain thoughts are evoked, particularly thoughts of specific styles, characters and fashions that typified this era. Some of those memories of the sixties include the “Happy Days” hit show, plus the “Grease” classic movie that featured John Travolta and Olivia. One of the ways to keep the memories of this era alive is to go for 50s costumes, whether it is for Halloween, themed party and other purposes. Luckily, mimicking the 50s icons is both inexpensive and simple. Check your closet or visit your local thrift store.
Some ideas to dress in 50s costumes include the following;
·    Use a coated rubber band to hold your hair backwards in a ponytail style. Get a bright colored scarf, tie it into a knot to be part of the rubber band on top. If you have short hair, the best way to make it suitable for 50s costumes is to brush it off your face and make a muffler round your neck with the scarf.

·    A typical 50s blouse would come in short-sleeve with a Peter Pan collar. The color of the blouse was also usually appealing. You can search for something in your closet to mimic this attire or simply visit a local thrift store to see if you can find what you are looking for. Also, you can shop online for 50s costumes.

·    For the makeup, consider going for pink lipstick if you really want to reflect the 50s fashion completely. Make the lipstick as obvious as possible but not too loud.  For the eye makeup, you should keep it as simple and as light as possible. That’s just how it works with 50s costumes when it comes to makeup.

·    Go for solid color wide skirt that features poodle applique close to the bottom left side of the skirt. Don’t forget to tuck the blouse into the skirt. Consider making the skirt five inches below the knees. This was typically how women in the fifties dressed.

·    When it comes to what to wear on your feet, ankle socks and white sneakers were the signature of that era. It is best to go for white socks and sneakers. Those colors were also typical of the stocks and sneakers worn in this era.

Relieving the 1950s in the 21st century can be best achieved with stunning 50s costumes. You can get more ideas on the 1950s fashion by engaging people who lived in this era. You may also request for their albums in order to see things for yourself. You can also visit your local library to check for 50s fashion magazines and publications. Ensure you add some creativity and a modern touch to your fifties costume in order to stand out from the crowd.